The X-Pole sport, xpert and stage are the industry leaders in the market of home pole dancing poles. They as god as invented the marketplace that they dominate. X-Pole is a byword for quality.

The design does not at any point compromise quality and the constant inovation makes them even better. The key factor to their success is the X-Joint which connects the poles together. As I’m sure you can imagine then the joint is going to be the weakest point in any two-piece portable pole system. Ideally it will be as strong as every other part of the shaft.

With a screw threaded joint the length of the threaded joint will be always compromised – the longer the thread then stonger the joint but the more likely that it will get jammed, too short and it will flex and be too weak.

The other aspect that is important is the surface finish – the art of pole dancing is after all really about showing off – and you can’t look good if you don’t have  a shiny pole – (except the pink pole…!) the brass finish (new) is really the best, but is significantly more expensive than the chrome or gold versions.

Spinning poles give an easy option for beginners – you don’t need much skill in order to simple hold on and go for a ride…