Pole Dancing Poles

Pole dancing poles are the essential kit for anyone that is stepping out into the world of stripping , but they are useful bits of kit for people that just want to play. In brief if you are serious about the athletic side of it and are more into pole-dancing the stripping then you will really, really want to be looking at the idea of using one of the X-Pole range (X-pole sport or xpert) ┬áthese are the professional quality of dancing pole and are every bit a serious piece of equipment – hence why they are quite expensive … but whether they are good value is an entirely different issue.

On the other hand then you might simply want to use a stripper pole for an adult sex toy – as a prop, in which case then it is more about the idea of just a representative pole that you need. It would not really need the power to actually support you – so these are referred to as stripper poles and because you will have both feet on the floor then you it needn’t be too strong. For this then the peekaboo pole is what you will really require – it is cheaper.

X-Pole or Peekaboo??

Well I am a believer in quality – so for me then the x-poles would always be the one to get – especially if you get hold of a discount code – basically I like to own the best – so even if all you ever intend to do is to casually stroll around a pole without your feet ever leaving the ground then you’ll still feel like a classy girl as you strut yourself. But then I have the money – I shop at coco-de mer – it is all about perception, if you are holding onto a pole the you want it to be rigid – you need a firm hold onto something shiny.

Peekaboo poles – these are basically mid-range and are very suitable for the idea of stripping.