Pole Dancing Poles for Home

Does lube magazine spend too much time on the subject – wearing a hat can solve half of the problems – using a stripper pole can take care of the other half! I guess the bad kitty can help you hide away behind a costume and the polesport.co.uk can give you the new persona that is needed to make the most of the new experience! What happens after the play starts is something that is entirely up to you!

And remember if nothing else, a pole dancing pole will give you somethig to wlk around – perhaps leave all of the ultra moves to Jen Butterfly and the team of X-Pole girls – they are the experts – or should that be pole xperts?

Remember – if Kate Moss can do it then everyone can – simply put on the fishnets and the do the stripper walk around your pole – according to eastenders then you need to keep both feet on the floor when you are completely naked – apart form that then just relax and be someone else!

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