Lube Magazine

What is Lube Magazine if not a celebration of all things wet and greasy – nobody likes friction except where it really matters! X-Pole can make thing happen!

X-Pole for strippers, lovers, lubed up!

X-Pole for strippers, lovers, lubed up!


Go on – do something really daring – something a bit out of the ordinary! Hop on an X-pole cover yourself in Lube! Dare to be different! We can’t all be ourselves all of the time – but we certainly can some of the time – and the rest of the time we can be somebody else – get your tools ready and go for a spin! What is not to love about the freedom to dance the freedom to strip -we’re all happy and equal when we are naked!

And that is the fun of the play – of course you needn’t do it in public! Just get stuck in and enjoy yourselves.


Sometimes it is all about making on a new character – so what could you do to adjust your personality? How would you hide and adapt – pole dancing poles might well be the solution – if you want to go out and really have some serious fun! The nice pole people over at the PoleSport X-Pole shop have sent us some top tips and info on how to go wild and loose your inhibitions with a pole dancing pole – and we’ve agreed to send them the photos we get. The test pole they sent out – an X-Pole Xpert has super-spin functionality which has our heads in a spin too.  The first thing we intend to do is to master a few moves before getting too experimental with the pole. The photoshoot will follow – but that’s all to come later.


Yep, that looks like the sort of thing – although when I look for pole dancing clothes then what I tend to come up with is much more related to the gym then the booudoir – so I wil l let you be the judge of what is the best thing to do here. The choice is between the functional and the very funky – to dance or not to dance – rather to simply to preen and pose – Lube Magazine is really stuck on where to go with that one! Maybe we should leave it to the xpert whilst we plug away on the new X-Pole….